Smart home and office


Smart Homes

Electrical systems in your properties can be easily controlled remotely and customized to your personal preference through a single, easy-to-use app that can be installed on multiple devices, Depending on your specific needs, we can also help identify the right sensors and triggers to create the automation modes tailored for your habits and preferences. Our smart home solutions are affordable and retrofit-ready with no servers nor specialists required.

Cloud-Based Control and Automation System

Our cloud-based control and automation system allows you to remotely control and monitor your home or office environments at anytime.  The system can be easily set-up and calibrated in a network environment and requires minimal hardware installation. Your personal settings and preferences are stored in a secured cloud for easy management.

Voice Control Solutions

Our voice control solutions allow you to control the electrical systems in your home or office remotely by using your voice. Voice commands can be easily customized to activate individual devices and system presets.

Video Door Phone

Equip your property with a smart video door phone and keep eyes on the door no matter where you are and what time it is. With our video door phone solutions, you can answer your doors and manage access remotely on your mobile devices.  Image and video recording on the cloud adds a layer of security, giving you the flexibility to keep track past movements at the door. Should you choose to, you can also pair a video door phone to our smart home and office solutions to trigger pre-sets and other automated functions.

Integrated Control and Automation Solutions

Our integrated control and automation platform allows you to remotely control and automate a wide variety of equipment (lighting, curtains, air-cons, sensors, meters, AV equipment etc.) at anytime. The platform is brand-agnostic, allowing you to combine the devices of your choice into an  integrated and dynamic system.

Facilities Optimization and Booking System

Our facilities optimization and booking system is a comprehensive, web-based solution that helps users manage and reserve facilities of all types.  Using a combination of easy-to-install sensors and web-based analytics, the system will help you and your staff obtain optimal efficiency for your facilities through effective resources allocation.