Smart and Green Buildings


4 Headland Road, Repulse Bay

4 Headland Road residential building

Originally built in the 1950’s, the residential building at 4 Headland is representative of buildings constructed in the mid-20th century. With recent renovation it has become the first residence in Asia to be awarded the bespoke BREEAM certificate in the category of “domestic refurbishment” and one that is truly smart and energy efficient. During the upgrading process, Elevant-Garde has equipped the property with top-notch connectivity without altering its original structure and layout, and retrofitted its six apartments with comprehensive smart home systems. Finally, EVG devised a Control Free-based Intelligent Building Management System (“i-BMS”) that allows property managers to conveniently monitor and control all devices and systems located in the residence’s public areas, even remotely.

Case Study | 4 Headland Road

Our Intelligent building management system (i-BMS) integrates different monitoring systems into a single BMS through a cross platform protocol system. Data collected would be analyzed by our algorithms to give facility operators an intuitive tool for assessing and managing building performance. Our i-BMS ensures the comfort of building users while maintaining energy efficiency.

i-BMS main features


Our unified monitoring system allows for the integration and management of different wireless sensors and meters on a single platform. Sensors and meters that can be integrated include: air quality sensors, door and window sensors, motion sensors, lux sensors, power/water/gas meters, and many others. Information collected through the sensors and meters can be analyzed, compiled into easy-to-understand reports, or used to trigger preset automation/optimization modes. The convenient dashboard can be accessed through our app or web portal for convenient real-time monitoring and management.

  • Scalable, customizable view: All devices/values can be added

  • Web access: Property managers can access the dashboard anytime, anywhere on any device

  • User-friendly: Easy to use interface, does not require technical knowledge

  • Devices automations: Easy to schedule, set and change anytime

Control Free Web Dashboard
i-BMS Management Dashboard


The energy management system monitors energy usage by time, device type, geographic information, system type etc. Data is logged and recorded in the cloud for the client's future analysis. Different energy saving modes can be triggered automatically based on real time energy usage and performance.

The Cove - public area energy monitoring
The Cove - public area energy monitoring

  • Monitoring of common area energy usage

  • Monitoring and control: of common area lighting (On/Off status and energy utilization)

  • Automation of common area lighting according to motion sensors, time schedules, etc.


Our IAQ monitoring and improvement system connects and integrates a wide array of sensors and devices into a single platform wirelessly for monitoring and control purposes. Categories that can be monitored through sensors include: CO2, VOC, CO, formaldehyde (HCHO) etc. Air purifiers, fan coil units (“FCU”) and air conditioners can be automated to regulate indoor air quality based on customizable baseline conditions.

  • Air conditiong control of the entire building

  • Monitoring of smoke detectors

  • Real time alerts and status/feedback signals from the building

  • Automation of air control devices can be done according to indoor air sensor readings, weather conditions, etc. to keep the air indoors fresh and healthy

The Cove - Gym


Our i-BMS integrates security devices into the Control Free platform to make the monitoring of building safety easy.

rooftop (1).jpg

  • The "wireless" door sensor at the rooftop of public area transmits a signal back to the i-BMS and guard room through the Control Free system, when the door is opened

  • The smoke detectors inside flat units, when triggered, send alerts to the i-BMS and notify the relevant parties


Get notified instantly and remotely whenever there is an issue detected in any of the systems or triggers that require the your action. Facility managers can get notified without having to walk through all the areas daily to check for any fault alerts. It saves a lot of labour and improves response time.

  • Trigger notifications from smoke detectors and door sensors

  • Swimming pool system alerts

4 Headland Road swimming pool
DSC09482 (1).jpg

Climate Control System

Our climate control system is an affordable solution that maintains the comfort and energy efficiency of your home or office.  Personalize your micro environment with our platform and modularization tools; our optimization and automation protocols will help you maintain your preferred indoor conditions and eliminate any unnecessary electricity consumption.

Building Sustainability Monitoring and Improvement System

End Users Experience Optimization

We can collect user experience feedback and device usage data through our digital tools for data classification, comparison, mapping, analysis, reporting, and future planning. Recommendations and automated micro-adjustments can then be made according to  your individual preferences.

Our building sustainability monitoring and improvement system continuously monitors performance of buildings in real-time; data compiled is then analyzed for different assessment purposes. The system is able to comply with different building sustainability certification standards, such as BEAM Plus, LEED, BREEAM etc.

We aim to help buildings become green and sustainable.

PV panels at 4 Headland Road residential building

  • PV (solar panel) power status (power generation) monitoring

  • EV charger (car park) energy use monitoring

3D virtual tour of the smart home and building automation features in 4 Headland Road:

- Public areas

- Smart Home show flat and rooftop