Smart and Green Building Solutions


Intelligent Building Management System (i-BMS)

Our intelligent building management system (i-BMS) integrates different monitoring systems into a single BMS through a cross platform protocol system. Data collected would be analyzed by our algorithms to give facility operators an intuitive tool for assessing and managing building performance. Our i-BMS ensures the comfort of building users while maintaining energy efficiency. Learn more.

Energy Management System

Our energy management system monitors energy usage by time, device type, geographic information, system type etc. Data is logged and recorded in the cloud for the client’s future analysis. Different energy saving modes can be triggered automatically based on real-time energy usage and performance.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Monitoring and Improvement System 

Our IAQ monitoring and improvement system connects and integrates a wide array of sensors and devices into a single platform wirelessly for monitoring and control purposes. Categories that can be monitored through sensors include: CO2, VOC, CO, formaldehyde (HCHO) etc. Air purifiers, fan coil units (“FCU”) and air conditioners can be automated to regulate indoor air quality based on customizable baseline conditions.

Climate Control System

Our climate control system is an affordable solution that maintains the comfort and energy efficiency of your home or office.  Personalize your micro environment with our platform and modularization tools; our optimization and automation protocols will help you maintain your preferred indoor conditions and eliminate any unnecessary electricity consumption.

Building Sustainability Monitoring and Improvement System

Our building sustainability monitoring and improvement system continuously monitors performance of buildings in real-time; data compiled is then analyzed for different assessment purposes. The system is able to comply with different building sustainability certification standards, such as BEAM Plus, LEED, BREEAM etc.

End Users Experience Optimization

We can collect user experience feedback and device usage data through our digital tools for data classification, comparison, mapping, analysis, reporting, and future planning. Recommendations and automated micro-adjustments can then be made according to  your individual preferences.

Unified Monitoring System

Our unified monitoring system allows for the integration and management of different wireless sensors and meters on a single platform. Sensors and meters that can be integrated include: air quality sensors, door and window sensors, motion sensors, lux sensors, power/water/gas meters, and many others.  Information collected through the sensors and meters can be analyzed, compiled into easy-to-understand reports, or used to trigger preset automation/optimization modes.  You can also access our app and online portals for the convenient real-time monitoring and management of premise conditions.

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