Touchless Control

Touchless control lets you control the surrounding environment and devices such as air conditioning units, lights, AV systems, door locks, curtains and more. It eliminates the need to press buttons, touch control panels and other shared surfaces in public areas as well as in your home.

How can you use touchless control?

App control

You can control all your smart devices and systems with your mobile phone. Control Free is an app that allows you to control a whole range of systems and devices, such as smart light switches, AC units, TV and more.

Voice control

You can also use voice commands to limit the need to touch your mobile devices. Control Free is seamlessly integrated with Google Home Assistant and will carry out your voice commands. You can simply use a few words of your choice to dim the lights, turn on music, open smart curtains, and initiate more complex, customized scenes that entail multiple actions and systems.


In addition to the above, you can schedule and automate your devices—with the help of different sensors—according to changing surrounding conditions.

Example of use for home and office

Arriving home from work? Coming back from a shopping trip? Simply wash your hands first without needing to worry about turning on the lights, air condition etc. with physical buttons or remote controls. Keep yourself healthy and your home and office environment safe!

With touchless control you do not need to worry about using physical light switches in your workplace. Integrated motion sensors detect activity and trigger actions such as lights switching on. The lights at the same time can be automated by time schedules, so that the lighting conditions in different areas of the office are always perfectly adjusted upon arrival of the staff or after certain hours when there is less activity.

Touch-free technologies that help keep your property safe

Not everyone always remembers to use sanitizing gels upon arriving their work destination. Touchless control will keep your facility staff or visitors in buildings safe by minimizing the need to touch shared surfaces. With the Control Free platform you can set up automations by schedules and multitriggers for lighting systems, air-conditioning and purification, AV systems and more. Together with the application of smart elevator technologies such as swiping card or bluetooth access for designated floors, the simple integration of mechanical and electrical systems to the Control Free platform will help you greatly reduce the risks of bacterial and viral transmissions.

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