Smart living

What benefits does the Intelligent Building Management System (i-BMS) bring to residential buildings like 4 Headland Road?

The i-BMS collects data from electrical subsystems installed within the premise and utilizes it to optimize the building's performance and energy efficiency while ensuring the occupants’ comfort and well-being. It enables residents of 4 Headland Road to enjoy the convenience of remotely monitoring, controlling and automating the systems and devices within their apartments through the mobile devices of their choices. Meanwhile, the i-BMS will provide property managers a singular, streamlined platform to keep track and maintain building systems in real-time.

Comfort, entertainment and safety done the smart way

Through ControlFree—Elevant-Garde’s proprietary cloud-based integrated platform and anchor of the i-BMS—tenants will be able to have full control of the lighting, A/C units, curtains, entertainment systems and other IoT devices at the tips of their fingers. They will be able to turn them on and off remotely, create multi-layered triggers, schedules and alerts with ease on the intuitive interfaces of ControlFree’s mobile app and web portals.

Automatically adjust the curtains and lighting intensity as natural light changes inside? Check. Maintaining the indoor temperature and humidity within desired ranges? Check. Triggering custom scenes that entail multiple systems of different brands and protocols through voice control? Check. Residents will be able to easily fine-tune, simplify or expand on the scope of automation modes to shape a personalized smart home that suits their habits and needs. 

The i-BMS at 4 Headland Road is also designed to make the property’s operation and maintenance more efficient. A diverse range of building functions and systems will be connected to the i-BMS; property staff will be able to monitor in real-time the health and operating status of key systems—on an integrated online management dashboard—whether they are on- or off-site. Should any equipment behave abnormally, relevant personnel will receive instant alerts through the mobile app, SMS and email, allowing them to attend to any emerging problems immediately. The following are just a few examples of key systems that will be monitored by staff through the i-BMS:

  • Lighting, AC units in all common areas

  • CCTVs and smoke detectors throughout the premise

  • Video door phone at the main entrance

  • Operating system of the swimming pool

  • Audio-visual system in the gym

  • Smart electricity meters, solar PV panels and chargers for electrical vehicles

The i-BMS as the gateway to healthy and green living

In order to maintain a healthy environment for building users, a number of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) sensors will be deployed across the property. Connected to the i-BMS, the sensors can be used to regulate AC units and air purifiers to maintain a clean and healthy indoor environment according to the occupants’ liking.  Categories measured will include temperature, humidity, CO2, PM2.5, VOC and more.

As a means to promote energy efficiency, residents and property staff will have ready access to smart-meter readings from their respective domains; data recorded on the i-BMS will help them better understand their electricity consumption patterns.  Should they choose to, residents will also be able to utilize the i-BMS to create custom power-saving modes that are triggered by real-time readings from smart meters installed within their apartments.

Finally, residents will be able to view—through the i-BMS’ app or web interfaces—the charging status of their electrical vehicles at any of the property’s six chargers, making their drive to maintain a low-carbon lifestyle easier.

Unrivalled Connectivity

Powered by the best equipment and IP network configuration available on the market, the high-speed wireless network of 4 Headland Road is both responsive and secure, making it the ideal foundation for an ultra-reliable i-BMS.  Of course, having a developed network environment means that the evolving digital needs of residents and property managers can be easily accommodated!

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