Smart Home Wanchai

Project Site 工程地點

  • Wanchai 工程地點

Description 描述

This 1,100 sq.ft apartment in Wanchai has been equipped with the Control Free Home system to help the users monitor and improve the indoor air quality, as well as to control all lighting and AC units within. The system can be controlled with the Control Free 2.0 app on the users’ mobile devices (iPad and Android phones) as well as voice commands issued to Apple Siri and Google Assistant. A diverse range of devices and systems has been integrated into the Control Free Home system.

灣仔這個1,100平方英尺的單位配備了 Control Free Home 系統,以幫助用戶監控和改善室內空氣質量,並控制單位中的所有照明和冷氣設備。用戶可透過智能設備 (iPad 和 安卓手機) 的 Control Free 2.0 應用程式和 Apple Siri 和 Google Assistant 的語音指令以控制該智能家居系統。多種設備和系統已集成到Control Free Home系統中,供用戶使用。

Scope of work

  • Full control of 22 sets of lights, including light strips in the kitchen and dimmable lights in the master bedroom 完全控制 22 套照明燈,包括廚房的燈帶和主臥室的可調光照明系統

  • An integrated IAQ management system that uses three Tongdy air sensors placed in different rooms 三個放置在不同房間的 Tongdy 空氣傳感器已被集成到 室內空氣質素管理系統 (IAQ)

  • Integration of all A/C units within the unit that can be automated according to varying temperatures and humidity 單位內已被整合的空調可以根據溫度和濕度的變化而自動調節

  • Integration of multiple smart plugs that allow non-smart home appliances to be automated, e.g. small table lamps, the coffee machine etc. 集成多個智能插頭可將非智能家電達到自動化,例如小檯燈,咖啡機等

Product Used

  • Control Free Smart Home System Control Free 智能家居系統

  • Control Free 2.0 App (Supports Apple Siri) Control Free 2.0 應用程式 (支撐 Apple Siri)

  • Aeotec light switches Aeotec 電燈開關

  • TV box as smart hub 電視盒作為智能盒子

  • Tongdy indoor air sensors Tongdy 室內空氣傳感器

  • Zyxel WiFi routers Zyxel 無線網絡路由器