Smart and Green Building in Repulse Bay

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  • Repulse Bay, Hong Kong


Originally built in the 1950’s, the residential building at 4 Headland is representative of buildings constructed in that era. With recent renovation it has become the first BREEAM certified residence in Asia in the category of "domestic refurbishment" and one that is truly smart and energy efficient. Elevant-Garde has equipped the property with top-notch connectivity without altering its original structure and layout, and retrofitted its 6 apartments with comprehensive smart home systems. Finally, EVG devised a Control Free-based Intelligent Building Management System (i-BMS).


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Scope of work

  • Smart lighting and curtain control system

  • Smart sensor system

  • IAQ management system

  • Wi-Fi roaming throughout the building

  • A/C control system

  • Most devices connected wirelessly

  • User interface and management dashboard with customizable view, that is scalable (all devices/values can be added)

  • Easy to maintain and flexible (expandable) building management system that is compatible with many different brands and devices

  • Remote system monitoring and control through web-based dashboard

  • Monitoring of EV charger (Car Park) energy use

  • Monitoring of common area energy usage

  • Monitoring and control of common area lighting (On/Off status and energy utilization)

  • Monitoring of PV (solar panel) power status (power generation)

  • Monitoring of common area motion sensors (for security)

  • Monitoring of swimming pool system status (filtration pump, tank level)

  • Monitoring and control of public area speaker volume

  • Monitoring of rooftop door sensor

  • Monitoring of smoke detectors inside the flat units

  • Real time alerts and status/feedback signals from the building

  • Collection of historic data

  • Automations can be done according to sensor readings, energy usage, weather conditions and many different parameters

Product Used

  • Aeotec Z-Wave wireless light switches, dimmers, milti-sensors, curtain controllers

  • Global Cache infrared controller

  • Modbus smart energy meter

  • uHoo IAQ sensor

  • 2N video door phone system

  • Trietex motorized curtain system

  • Luxul Wi-Fi networking system

  • Control Free smart home app and monitoring dashboard

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