Scenic Villas - Pokfulam

Click HERE to experience the 3D virtual tour of our smart home show flat 

Scenic Villas - Smart Home System

  • Allows users to remotely control all the home automation devices with a single app

  • Provides a simple, users friendly interface to facilitate user's interaction with the system

  • Features a series of wireless control modules that make the system readily expandable

  • Allows users to remotely monitor in real time their home environment, including temperature, humidity, air quality, motion, as well as lighting and doors status

  • Provide sensor feedback by triggering push notification via app notice, SMS, and/ or email

  • Create and customize users' own scenes, and to control multiple devices with one click

  • Includes an optional voice control platform that supports Cantonese, English, Mandarin and more languages, to control all home automation devices

  • Is a cloud-based control system that boasts one of the most secure encryption methods used in most modern encryption algorithms and technologies

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