Eco Smart Home

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  • Kowloon


EVG was invited to transform the Eco-home at the Zero Carbon Building (ZCB), Kowloon Bay, into a smart home with the latest monitoring, control and automation technologies: app control, voice control, scene control, and automation with sensors.

All devices and systems within the ZCB's Eco-home show space have been integrated into a singular, unified system. With the aim to incur minimal cabling and construction work, EVG preserved the existing layout and decor without needing to replace any lighting fixtures, AV equipment, curtains and more.

Scope of Work

  • Integration of multiple equipment and systems into the Control Free platform

  • Replaced existing lighting switches with smart wireless switches

  • Integration of an IAQ sensor into the Control Free platform to automate the air purifier

  • Control and automation of curtains, strength and mood colors of lights

  • Integration of video and music streaming to round up the smart home experience

  • Remote, touchless-control of all devices and systems within the show unit

  • Set up of different scene presets, such as 'Morning', 'Good night', 'Movie', 'Relax', 'Away' etc.

  • Smart home control through app, voice commands or Wireless Scene switch

  • Full compatibility with Google Home and Apple Siri for comprehensive voice control

  • Use of a tiny smart hub to connect all devices and systems with no physical servers required

Product Used

  • Control Free Smart Home System

  • Control Free 2.0 App (Supports Apple Siri)

  • Philips Hue Smart Light bulbs

  • Tuya Smart Light Switches

  • Aeotec Multi-sensor 6 (as motion and temperature sensor)

  • Aeotec Nano Shutter for curtain control

  • Aeotec Wallmote as Scene switch

  • Global Cache Wifi Infrared controller (for TV control)

  • Google Chromecast Player

  • Google Home Nest Mini voice control speaker

  • uHoo Indoor Air Quality sensor

  • PPP Smart Air Purifier

More videos can be watched here.