IAQ i-BMS System - Nathan Hotel

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  • Kowloon


EVG has provided for the Nathan Hotel, located in Kowloon, with a wireless system that can monitor the CO2 level and automate its fresh air vents. It utilizes the hotel's existing WiFi to integrate CO2 sensors and controllers, while eliminating the need to lay additional cables. It also requires no server – a compact smart hub, compatible with different wireless signal types, is used to connect the sensors and controllers. The control logic can be modified anytime and anywhere via the Control Free portal – a mobile friendly dashboard that shows the current and historic CO2 readings, as well as the operating status of relevant equipment, in user-friendly charts and graphs.

The system can be scaled up anytime through the easy integration of new sensors and controllers. Since its installation, the upgraded system has helped maintain optimal temperature and humidity of the hotel’s public areas, while holding its indoor CO2 levels below 1000ppm over 90% of the time. It has also helped save more than 10% of the energy incurred from air vent operation, and reduced the A/C system’s total energy consumption by 5 to 10%.

Scope of Work

  • Integrated the WiFi sensors and controllers to the Control Free i-BMS by Modbus/IP and HTTP protocols;

  • Control Free i-BMS: monitors the CO2 level of each sensor and automates the fan speed of fresh air vents accordingly (e.g when CO2 is higher than 1000ppm, and humidity is lower than 70%, set the 0-10V output of fresh air controller to 7V);

  • Easy-to-use UI, which allows engineers to modify system settings without the need of professional BMS training;

  • A mobile-friendly web dashboard that lets hotel management view the CO2 data, in easy-to-understand charts and graphs, over a specified time period;

  • Data can be downloaded for further analysis;

  • Reports can be generated automatically and sent to management according to a set schedule;

  • Maintained optimal temperature and humidity of the public areas;

  • Maintained CO2 level to below 1000ppm over 90% of the time;

  • Saved more than 10% of the energy incurred from operating the air vents;

  • Reduced the A/C system’s total energy consumption by 5 to 10%;

  • Zero interruption to hotel guests;

Product Used

  • Control Free Cloud-based i-BMS

  • WiFi temperature and humidity sensor

  • WiFi relay controller

  • WiFi 0-10V output controller