Kimrobinson shop - signage management system

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  • Kimrobinson Hong Kong is a famous luxury beauty salon located in Landmark Chater House, Central. Aiming to give the salon a facelift, Kimrobinson engaged Elevant-Garde (EVG) to design and implement a remotely controllable TV signage management system for the video wall placed right at the highly decorated front of the shop.

  • Now up and running, the system allows the client to conveniently change the contents displayed, and to automate the TVs according to customizable schedules.

Scope of Work

  • Requires no server and minimal space for hardware equipment;

  • Installed IR controller and HDMI matrix switchers, both connected by WiFi and network cables only;

  • Automation of the signage TVs to turn on and off according to a daily schedule;

  • Enabling convenient content change of the signage system without needing to switch manually different HDMI cables to connect to a PC for monitoring purposes;

  • Setup easy-to-use preset “scenes” on the iPad app; used to control everything through a user-friendly and intuitive interface (no training needed for users);

  • Engaged at a late stage of the project–with only one week till shop re-launch–when the hardware of the signage system was already chosen and physically put into place;

  • Flexible and easy scheduling;

  • Real-time notifcation system to alert users of system malfunction;

Product Used

  • Global Cache WiFi to IR converter

  • AV Gear 8x8 HDMI matrix

  • Control Free Cloud–based Control System

  • Control Free App