Digital AV Solutions


Networked Pro-AV System

A networked Pro-AV system enables the transmission of audio and/or video content through a network of an interconnected components, all of which can be monitored and controlled wirelessly.  The system is an ideal platform for the management of your AV content and components, and can be conveniently configured to perform a multitude of functions, such as AV over IP, videoconferencing, live streaming etc.  Designed with flexibility and scalability in mind, our system is hardware-light, affordable and allows for the easy integration of new components. 

Video Wall Signage System

Our flexible video wall signage system entails a multi-screen setup consisting of multiple monitors tiled together contiguously to form a large unified screen. Your data, media, digital signage, E-posters, and electronic advertising systems can all be integrated into this video wall signage system and laid out according to your preferences.  The system utilizes Just Add Power transmitters and receivers, and does not require the installation of an expensive video wall processor.

Digital Audio Management

Our digital audio management system—consisting of a collection of networked audio equipment—is designed to accept, process and distribute signals via the network. Requiring no analog cables, the system allows digital audio content to be distributed with an unprecedented level of flexibility and efficiency. An integrated interphase will also help you manage your audio signals and configure your desired audio zones with ease.

AV over IP Solutions

Our AV over IP solutions enable you to create video matrices of any size in a flexible manner. Leveraging the limitless possibilities of IP networks, our networked AV systems can accommodate any combination of inputs and outputs, making them easily expandable as your AV needs evolve. AV over IP is also ideal for large-scale projects, as Cat cables or fiber optic cables can be used to transmit high definition content over a long distance with virtually no lag or loss of quality.

Software-Based Conferencing Solutions

Our integrated control and automation platform allows you to remotely control and automate a wide variety of equipment (lighting, curtains, air-cons, sensors, meters, AV equipment etc.) at anytime. The platform is brand-agnostic, allowing you to combine the devices of your choice into an  integrated and dynamic system.

Smart Auto-Tracking Solutions

Our smart auto-tracking cameras can identify and lock into targeted speakers intelligently, tracking their movements no matter the types of venues and events. Optimize your operations and free hands up with our smart cameras that do the work for you.

Video Streaming Solutions

Our video streaming solutions allow you to stream your live content from camera to screen with unmatched speed, reliability, quality and resiliency. Whether your audience views your content on iOS, Android, smart TVs, media players or any other connected devices, our video streaming solutions have you covered.