Control Free Interface UI


Ready to deploy Cloud-based Eco-system for your control & automation project

Control Free is a cloud-based solution that helps you build your control and automation eco-system in no time. The highly-accommodating platform allows users to create control programs that can integrate devices of any brand and of any protocol. With Contro Free’s intuitive design environment and user-friendly drag-drop interface, you will be able to configure your ideal smart home without having to write a single line of code.

Centralized control system diagram


Control Free’s open approach to system architecture means that you can utilize off-the-shelf hardware to control any type of system so that overall, Control Free solutions can be deployed at a fraction of the programming time and hardware cost of conventional control systems.

Control Free is also an asset management tool for your devices. Its (private) cloud solution means management can centralize monitor the status of system anytime anywhere. They can manage the system architecture, hardware, software and users on any web browsers. Administrations can also have all the activity logs in a summary view and the real-time status of every device without any programming skill. Customized reports can be built to support future business decisions


  • Ready to deploy (Private) Cloud Eco-system for your control & automation project

  • Easy to setup, simple to deploy, saving time and cost

  • Connects thousands of devices with controlling and monitoring capability

  • Open architecture integrates virtually any devices onto the system

  • Software-based Virtual Server (VS) makes maintenance of system more flexible

  • Large scale system can be easily implemented

  • Centralized device management tools for asset management

  • Real-time device status feedback and online status check

  • Remote troubleshooting tools for quick fix

  • System log for device, server and user activities

  • User account management tools for efficient management of system users

  • Intuitive GUI on mobile ready app

  • Create custom User Interfaces, scene presets, schedules and logics

  • Drag products from a library of thousands or customized drivers

  • Employ off-the-shelf 3rd party hardware easily

  • Communicate with devices over IR, RS232, TCP/IP, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Z-Wave and more


  • Voice Control Smart Home, support Cantonese and English

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