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Smart and Green Building Solutions

  1. Intelligent Building Management System (i-BMS)

  2. Energy Management System

  3. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Monitoring and Improvement System

  4. Climate Control System

  5. Building Sustainability Monitoring and Improvement System

  6. End Users Experience Optimization

  7. Unified Monitoring System

Smart Home and Office Solutions

  1. Smart Homes

  2. Cloud-Based Control and Automation System

  3. Voice Control Solutions

  4. Access Control

  5. Integrated Monitoring and Control Solutions (Lighting; Curtain; AC; AV; Sensors)

  6. Room Booking System

Digital AV Solutions

  1. Networked Pro-AV System

  2. Video Wall Signage System

  3. Digital Audio Management

  4. AV over IP Solutions

  5. Software Based Conferencing Solutions

  6. Camera Tracking Solutions

  7. Video Streaming Solutions

Tailored Cloud and IoT Services

  1. Cloud and IoT Services

  2. Wireless Queuing System